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Life in the Council Chamber is always full of surprises – well maybe not so surprising really. The latest development was to change the times of Council meetings from 5pm to 10.30am. Why you may ask? Well I’m still not really sure. What we do know is that since Labour lost overall control of the […]

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Where’s our recycling bank gone?

by veronicagerman on 23 June, 2009

Many people have contacted Veronica wondering what has happened to our recycling area on Llanfrechfa Way.  Unfortunately it has gone for ever!  Initially the cardboard facility was removed due to cardboard being dumped all over the site and not in the container.  Now the other facilities have been moved because the Llanyrafon Manor project needs the […]

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Street lighting – the facts

by veronicagerman on 20 December, 2008

Council bosses have agreed to implement a scheme to save £450,000 a year by turning off and restricting the number of street lights burning in Torfaen. To begin with lights on major roads such as Llanfrechfa Way will be affected.  Junctions, roundabouts, pedestrian crossings and central islands will remain illuminated. The next phase will involve […]

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Cardboard overflow!

by veronicagerman on 10 December, 2008

The introduction of cardboard recycling at Llanfrechfa Way has proved to be incredibly popular. Unfortunately there have been many occasions when the containers have been overflowing with cardboard being left strewn around the car park. Veronica German has contacted the recycling team asking for more frequent emptying or an increase in capacity in the area.

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