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Croesyceiliog School Fence – What Do You Think?

by veronicagerman on 5 August, 2010

Veronica inspects the new fencePlans are in place at Croesyceiliog school to establish a perimeter fence inside the school boundary. The purpose of which is to prevent ‘unwelcome visitors’ to the school premises as well as discouraging pupils from accessing nearby gardens.

Veronica has been contacted by many residents concerning this issue. There are three main concerns:

1. The safety of the riverbank path with a fence in close proximity

2. The loss of green space to local residents.

3. The lack of consultation with local residents.

Did you know about this beforehand and were you consulted? What do you think of the fence?

Veronica would like to hear from as many local residents as possible, so please e-mail her at:

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  1. Croesyceiliog School Pupil says:

    I am a pupil attending Croesyceiliog school and I have been upset by the sheer selfishness of the local Llanyrafon residents. They seem unable to empathise with my fellow classmates and I about the fact that very often, our Physical Education lessons have to be altered to avoid any incidents with dogs running wild around our fields. Many a time have our paths have to be altered during sports training to avoid being covered in dog muck. I know the majority of owners do clean up after their animals, however, some dont and this is why the fence is absolutely necessary. This isn’t the sole reason however, ofter, the field can be covered with glass bottles, cigarette buts and used Carlin cans from yobs who have used the field in the night time. This anti social behaviour has prevoiously led to a friend of mine revieving cuts from the broken glass during a rugby match. What kind of repuation is this for my school?
    A further point is that, finally, the school has a perimeter. Which other school in the nearby area isn’t fenced? There are many disturbed people about and without the fence, we are subjecting pupils to the mercy of these wierdos – as well as potential attcks from kanines.
    Although i realise that the school fields have long been part of the riverbank’s appeal, there is no shortage of green space in Torfaen that is not privately owned so the excuse that residents have lost green space is not valid. If someone was to use your garden to exercise their dogs, I am sure you would be angry. So why use a school’s land that is in essence, private property. I urge those who oppose the fence to read this message and hopefully understand that this fence wasn’t put up out of spite, but for a reason that will help protect children in the future. Thankyou for your time.

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