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Where’s our recycling bank gone?

by veronicagerman on 23 June, 2009


Many people have contacted Veronica wondering what has happened to our recycling area on Llanfrechfa Way.  Unfortunately it has gone for ever!  Initially the cardboard facility was removed due to cardboard being dumped all over the site and not in the container.  Now the other facilities have been moved because the Llanyrafon Manor project needs the space for its regeneration scheme.

Many people are keen to recycle but are not all able to get to New Inn to the recycling centre.  Kerbside cardboard recycling has got to be a priority.  Everybody knows how much space cardboard can take up.  Landfill is no longer an option, with costs rising and greenhouse gas emissions to be reduced.  There has to be a way to encourage residents to recycle more – not make it more difficult!

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